MONSTA X’s Shownu Reveals How He Feels When He Receives Compliments From Junior Idols

He’s a great role model

MONSTA X‘s Shownu recently participated in a pictorial and interview with Elle Korea. During his interview, Shownu expressed how much he loves to hear about how he’s making a positive influence on junior artists!


Shownu also shared in his interview his experience of being one of the judges on the show “CAP-TEEN.” Though he was there to judge and advise the contestants, Shownu shared he also learned several things on the show. Shownu shared that listening to his fellow judges inspired him to want to be an even more positive influence on other people.

I was one of the judges alongside Lee Seung Chul on ‘CAP-TEEN,’ and the advice he gave to the contestants made me stop and reflect on my own self.

— Shownu

Shownu further explained that having his juniors inform him how much he’s set a positive influence on them is something he loves to hear.

When junior idols tell me, ‘You’re cool,’ or ‘I’m a fan,’ I feel so grateful and proud that I can’t express it in words. Even though I can’t express it on the outside, it’s one of the things that makes me extremely happy.

— Shownu

As the great role model he is, Shownu conveyed how he always tries to take great opportunities when they come his way.

I don’t have a daring personality, but when an opportunity comes my way, I try to at least take on the challenge. MONSTA X releasing a full-length album in English in the U.S., or participating in a survival program as a judge—I personally think those were new challenges for me

— Shownu