Starship Entertainment Responds To MONSTA X Shownu’s Fall On Stage

Starship states he’s okay.

MONSTA X, who is currently promoting in the states, had a slight scare while performing on stage.

On January 12, the group performed “Middle of the Night” for fans when member Shownu slipped on stage along with his stand mic. Luckily, members moved quickly and helped him up to finish the performance. Hyungwon passed on his mic to Shownu, showing their professionalism.

You can see Hyungwon helping Shownu back to his feet right away in the clip below.

The video clip below shows just how small the stage is as it seems to end right behind Shownu.

Many fans expressed their concern for Shownu in which Starship Entertainment responded, “Thankfully there were not any big issues after checking up on this.”

Fans were upset at Starship’s one-line response to this situation and hoped that the members would receive enough rest.

MONSTA X will appear on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show on February 13 and begin their promotions for their album All About Luv.

Source: sports donga