MONSTA X’s Shownu And Wonho Talk About Each Other’s Bodies In Recent Interview

Who has the better body?

Wonho and Shownu are famous for their athletic and muscular physiques. The pair appeared on SBS Power FM’s show 2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show and a predictable topic came up.

The host of the show, Kim Tae Kyun, asked the pair what body parts they are most confident in. Shownu answered “My collarbone and my elbow” which prompted a listener to call in to praise his elbow. Shownu then provided some fan-service by leaning into the camera with his elbow.

Wonho had a very confident answer, remarking that “Every part of my body is good”. Shownu was quick to agree, “Wonho’s pecks are great, they’re very sparkly”.

Kim Tae Kyun then asked the big question, “Whose body is better?”. Wonho answered, “When it comes to bodies, mine is better”. Shownu agreed: “Wonho’s body is better. I can’t manage my diet”. When a listener called in and asked the MONSTA X’s members to show off their abs, Wonho jumped out of his seat and lifted his shirt.

Wonho finished with a cheeky quote about his abs:

My six-pack has never melted before. I’ve had them for seven years now.

– Wonho

Source: Naver