MONSTA X’s Upcoming Appearance On “We Bare Bears” Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed

It’s their first cartoon, and it’s so cute.

Cartoon Network dropped a teaser for MONSTA X‘s appearance on an upcoming episode of We Bare Bears.

Disguised as a suitcase, the character Ice Bear snuck into MONSTA X’s room. Once he bust out of the suitcase, he was greeted by MONSTA X.

Kihyun asked if he was a polar bear and Minhyuk called him cute while pulling his ears. Then, Shownu shared that people call him a polar bear as well.

Joohoney welcomed him to their hotel suite and I.M asked if he came alone. Ice Bear said he’d come with Panda.

Wonho said that was crazy and coincidentally shut the window on Panda. Then, Hyungwon said don’t worry about it and to chill with them.

The dialogue fit MONSTA X’s personalities well, even blending English with Korean. And, it’s sure to be an interesting episode if it’s as cute as the preview.

It will be airing on May 27 on Cartoon Network, so stay tuned. Check out the preview here until then.