Starship Confirms MONSTA X’s Comeback Plans In 2020 With Joohoney

2020 is turning up all MONSTA X!

Earlier reports claimed that Joohoney is preparing to end his hiatus and return to promoting with MONSTA X. Reports also predicted that it was a sign that MONSTA X will be making their long-awaited comeback since “FOLLOW” in 2019.

Starship Entertainment spoke up in an exclusive statement where they confirmed that MONSTA X is indeed gearing up for a comeback in 2020. And it’s going to be sooner than expected!

Starship announced that MONSTA X has set a goal to release a new album by the first half of this year. With June just a few months away, their D-Day is just around the corner!

The best news of all is that Starship also confirmed that Joohoney will be taking part in the next album. They also gave an update about Joohoney’s health and how they’ll be keeping a close look on him.

MONSTA X has begun preparing for their comeback with a goal for the first half of this year.

Joohoney is scheduled to participate in their promotions starting with the next album. Joohoney’s health has become a lot better, but we are still continually checking in with his status.

— Starship Entertainment

With the whole world hunkering down from the coronavirus, it’s good to hear some good news as fans can begin preparing to return to their daily routines with MONSTA X!

Source: Star News