MONSTA X’s I.M. Opens Personal Instagram Account

Welcome to Instagram, I.M.!

MONSTA X‘s maknae I.M. has opened a personal Instagram account, making him the second member of the group to have a personal account after Minhyuk opened his earlier this month.

On June 15, MONSTA X announced on their official Twitter than I.M. had opened his own Instagram account. Their informational tweet even included a fox emoji, an animal that I.M. is affectionately associated with by fans.

I.M.’s official Instagram tag is @imnameim, and his name is listed as IM창균 (which translates to Changkyun, his real name).

So far, I.M. has only one post, which was posted shortly after his account went live.

Fans have been super excited to see him join Instagram, made evident by the flood of appreciation towards him in the comments. Some even poked a bit of fun at him, saying that they anticipate more posts influenced by his thoughtful and philosophical nature.

He hasn’t been officially verified by Instagram yet (no blue checkmark next to his name), but that hasn’t stopped fans from following him and sharing their excitement about his new presence on the social media platform.

We’re all very excited to connect and continue to encourage and support you on Instagram I.M., and send you the warmest of welcomes too!

Source: MONSTA X Official Twitter, I.M. Official Instagram and MYSUNSHINE_1122 Twitter