MONSTA X’s “NO LIMIT” U.S. Tour Photocards Might Just Be The Most Expensive In K-Pop History

These K-Pop photocards are certainly exclusive.

MONSTA X is currently in the United States for their 2022 NO LIMIT tour.

MONSTA X’s Joohoney (far left), Kihyun (left), Changkyun (center), Minhyuk (right), and Hyungwon (far right) | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

On May 20, MONSTA X announced via their Twitter account that attendees at the first stop of their tour in New York City would be able to check in with event staff and get a set of exclusive tour photocards.

MONSTA X “No Limit” exclusive tour photocards | @Eat_Watch_Go/Twitter

While distributing exclusive photocards for attendees at a K-Pop concert is common, this particular set of photocards come with an oddly specific catch.

In order to get the photocards, you must own a Lexus brand car and show your key to staff at the concert venue.

Lexus, a luxury vehicle company, is a sponsor for MONSTA X’s tour, which explains the unique requirement.

Lexus emblem | Lexus

MONBEBE had mixed reactions to the news of these photocards.

Lexus driving MONBEBEs at the show were happy to get their hands on the tour photocards.

Some are possibly considering buying or renting a Lexus car just for the concert day.

Others are thinking about the possible loopholes they could find to earn the photocards.

But some MONBEBEs seem to be genuinely concerned about the accessibility of the photocards, especially since attendees already paid money for concert tickets.

For those who don’t already own one, Lexus prices usually range between $35,000 to $90,000+, which are incredibly steep prices for those who just want the photocard set.

While it is still unknown if MONSTA X will continue to hold the Lexus photocard promotion throughout the rest of their NO LIMIT tour, these photocards might go down as the most expensive or exclusive in the history of K-Pop.