Top Actress Sues Commenters Alleging Her “Bad Breath” Made It Difficult For An Actor During Kiss Scene

A viral YouTube video claimed she was unhygienic.

Actress Moon Chae Won has reportedly sued commenters for defamation.

Moon Chae Won

On October 16, it was reported that Moon Chae Won’s label, IOK Company, sued malicious commenters in September for libel and defamation.

Previously, in 2021, a YouTube channel reportedly released a video titled “Innocent Actress’s Two Faces,” which went viral. In the video, the YouTuber claimed that an actress, “A,” wasn’t very hygienic.

In her school days, A would go to school without washing her face, and her uniform was full of dandruff. While acting, she would use her dirty hands to give food to other actors, and during a kiss scene, an actor had a tough time because her breath smelled so bad.

— YouTuber

The video would garner over 600k views and had netizens speculating who it was, with many netizens claiming that the actress was Moon Chae Won.

Moon Chae Won | MBC

Meanwhile, Moon Chae Won is one of Korea’s most well-known actors. The actor debuted in 2007 and last acted in SBS‘s Payback (2023), which saw viewership ratings of over 11%.

Source: wikitree