Moon Ga Young Reveals The Difficulties In Playing Her “True Beauty” Character

She just wants to do her best.

Popular actress Moon Ga Young recently did a gorgeous photoshoot with Elle Korea. Following her photoshoot, the actress sat down for an interview.

In her interview, Moon Ga Young opened up on the struggles and difficulties she faced when trying to play her True Beauty character, Im Ju Kyung.

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The drama centers around Im Ju Kyung and her struggles with insecurities. To overcome her insecurities about her looks, Moon Ga Young’s character enhances her beauty by using makeup.

Since her character is still in high school, Moon Ga Young shared the set is incredibly lively.

It is a scene full of energy. It really feels like going to school. Since I graduated from Girls’ Middle School and Girls’ High School, it is new and unfamiliar to sit in a classroom with boys.

— Moon Ga Young

Moon Ga Young shared that though the set is lively and fun, she did personally have quite a hard time comprehending her character. She also felt a great pressure to play Im Ju Kyung: “I also feel a bigger responsibility to lead the story.”

It took a while to understand Ju kyung. I had to be sure of what kind of message I could convey through this work and character. I am still struggling and worrying about how to show Ju kyung’s growth.

— Moon Ga Young

Fans can understand the pressure the actress is under as the drama is based on the incredibly popular webtoon by Yaongyi. Many fans of the webtoon all had their desires of who they wanted to play Im Ju Kyung and anticipated the drama a lot.

Of course, as the great actress she is, Moon Ga Young has received much praise for her performance of Im Ju Kyung. She’s doing great!

Source: Elle Korea and Naver