Moon Geun Young Rushed To Hospital For Emergency Surgery

Actress Moon Geun Young was rushed to the emergency room for an emergency surgery to treat her arm. All future schedules she had planned have been canceled and she is currently still hospitalized.

Moon Geun Young’s agency, Namoo Actors, made an official statement regarding her situation on February 3.

“On February 1st, Moon Geun Young went to the hospital around 9:00am because of a sudden pain in her right arm. She was diagnosed with acute compartment syndrome and was rushed into surgery immediately. If there are any issues the first 72 hours, she will go into surgery again. Doctors also said that she will also need to undergo 1-2 additional surgeries in the near future. It was impossible to postpone the surgery and it is of the upmost importance to put her health above anything. We apologize for cancelling the upcoming play of “Romeo and Juliet” she is currently starring in.”

Namoo Actors

Moon Geun Young plays Juliet in the play “Romeo and Juliet.” The show started last year in December and has been lauded by critics. Unfortunately, any future showings of “Romeo and Juliet” are indefinitely canceled for the time being.