Actress Moon Ka Young Had The Most Reatable Reaction To BigBang’s Comeback

She’s just like us!

After four long years,  it seems spring has finally come for VIPs.

Taeyang in “Still Life” music video | BigBang/Youtube

Storied K-pop group BigBang has arrived with their latest MV for “Still Life,” their first release under the BigBang banner in nearly half a decade, and with them came all the feels.

Daesung in “Still Life” music video | BigBang/Youtube

The haunting rock ballad longing for brighter days of the past is accompanied by an equally impressive music video that shares a glimpse of each member’s present.

G-Dragon in “Still Life” music video | BigBang/Youtube

Strikingly noticeable to fans is that the four members are never shown together in the music video. Rapper T.O.P is seen in Space alone, seemingly walking towards an unknown abyss, turning back to bid fans adieu in a poignant moment that is in striking contrast to the portrayal of G-Dragon, who is reliving memories of the past alone.

T.O.P in “Still Life” music video | BigBang/Youtube

Fans are understandably emotional, but one celebrity fan wants you to know that you are not alone.

Moon Ka Young | @m_kayoung

Actress Moon Ka Young shared a story on her Instagram. In the story, her 7.8 million followers were able to see that the actress was streaming the song and the music video.

| @m_kayoung/Instagram

The actress captioned her story by writing, “That’s right, the one who watched this and cried was me.

It seems even the actress could not resist the poignant messaging in the video.

Have you checked out the MV? If not, check it out below!

Source: Wikitree