More stylists come forward claiming T-ARA Hwayoung insulted them

Former T-ARA stylists who reportedly worked at Jenny House have come out to say that Hwayoung did indeed mistreat them.

Following Kim Woo Ri‘s statements that Hwayoung treated the stylists poorly, more stylists who worked with T-ARA in the past have come out to corroborate his claim.

Dispatch interviewed two former T-ARA stylists who had worked on their hair and makeup. The two first talked about the “shampoo” incident and claimed that she did indeed offend them.

“It’s true that Hwayoung belittled the staff members by referring to them as ‘shampoo’. The other members usually referred to us by our names but Hwayoung would use ‘shampoo’ for us.”

Former T-ARA stylists

One stylist then talked about how Hwayoung would exert her power as an idol and speak disrespectfully to them.

“She expressed her dissatisfaction and complaints right in front of me. Right in front of me she would say things like, ‘you can’t style hair for shit.’ If I made a mistake while doing her makeup, she would say ‘you can’t even draw a line?’

Former T-ARA stylist

The second stylist that Dispatch interviewed revealed that it was very difficult to tolerate her insults. Hwayoung’s insults eventually led to the stylist submitting a letter of resignation.

“Hwayoung would embarrass us in front of others. The staff simply could not find a reason to like her. She wasn’t feeling bad about it either, it was as if her style was to target specific people and make them feel insulted.”

— Former T-ARA stylist

Finally, the two stylists stood up for Kim Woo Ri.

“We heard Kim Woo Ri’s story about the ‘shampoo’ incident. What he said was true. Hwayoung would refer to us stylists that way. We were young at the time so we didn’t know what that meant. But it wasn’t a ‘one time thing’ either. The staff members were very hurt by it and some of them even stopped working at that shop because of it.”

—  Former T-ARA stylists

Source: Dispatch