Most popular male idol according to Korea’s biggest female community

Korean females have voiced their opinions online and voted on the most popular male idols for 2016!

Starting with #20 in the rankings is EXO‘s unicorn, Lay with 94 points.

Image: EXO's Facebook / SM Entertainment
Image: EXO’s Facebook / SM Entertainment

BTS‘ charismatic rapper Suga is #19 with 100 points.

BTS' Suga / Big Hit Entertainment
BTS’ Suga / Big Hit Entertainment

#18 NCT‘s Thai member Ten narrowly claims the slot with 105 votes.

NCT's Ten / SM Entertainment
NCT’s Ten / SM Entertainment

BTS’ popularity continues to rise as V is #17 with 123 points.

BTS' V / Big Hit Entertainment
BTS’ V / Big Hit Entertainment

Barely ahead with 125 points, is Block B‘s leader and popular rapper Zico for #16.

Block B's Zico / Seven Seasons
Block B’s Zico / Seven Seasons

#15 is veteran idol Onew from SHINee, who garnered 128 votes.

SHINee's Onew / SM Entertainement
SHINee’s Onew / SM Entertainement

BTS continues to rise as Jimin is #14, creating a massive gap with 162 points.

BTS' Jimin / Big Hit Entertainment
BTS’ Jimin / Big Hit Entertainment

EXO finally makes a reappearance with Kai at #13 and 168 points awarded.

EXO's Kai / SM Entertainment
EXO’s Kai / SM Entertainment

#12 is SHINee’s maknae Taemin at 174 points.

Image: SHINee's Taemin for Japanese solo single "Sayonara Hitori" / SM Entertainment
Image: SHINee’s Taemin for Japanese solo single “Sayonara Hitori” / SM Entertainment

NCT’s Jaehyun is #11, barely ahead of his labelmate with 176 votes.

NCT's Jaehyun / SM Entertainment
NCT’s Jaehyun / SM Entertainment

#10 is BTS’ golden maknae Jungkook, who reached 204 votes.

BTS' Jungkook / Big Hit Entertainment
BTS’ Jungkook / Big Hit Entertainment

It is no surprise to see superstar G-Dragon from Big Bang on this list at #9 with 245 points.

G-Dragon / YG Entertainment
G-Dragon / YG Entertainment

The ideal husband Eric Nam reached #8 with an astonishing 340 points.

Image: Eric Nam's Facebook
Image: Eric Nam’s Facebook

At #7 with 353 points, is EXO’s happy virus Chanyeol.

EXO's Chanyeol / SM Entertainment
EXO’s Chanyeol / SM Entertainment

EXO’s handsome leader Suho is #6, earning 382 points.

EXO's Suho / SM Entertainment
EXO’s Suho / SM Entertainment

Baekhyun continues the EXO streak with him claiming #5 in popularity at 491 points.

EXO's Baekhyun / SM Entertainment
EXO’s Baekhyun / SM Entertainment

#4 is power vocalist D.O., capturing 513 votes.

EXO's D.O. / SM Entertainment
EXO’s D.O. / SM Entertainment

EXO is truly proving their popularity as Chen is ranked #3 with an impressive 640 points.

EXO's Chen / SM Entertainment
EXO’s Chen / SM Entertainment

#2 with 729 points, will not be a surprise to anyone; EXO’s Sehun is constantly praised for his visuals.

EXO's Sehun
SM Entertainment

The most popular male idol, with 815 points is….

EXO’s Xiumin!

EXO's Xiumin / SM Entertainment
EXO’s Xiumin / SM Entertainment

EXO certainly took the female community by storm, with members occupying the Top 5!

Were there any idols you were surprised to see excluded from this list?

Source: Instiz