Mother Attends BTS Concert In Honor Of Daughter Who Died Of Cancer

She wrote a heartfelt letter.

A heartbreaking story has gone viral on social media recently.

Bui Deui Kl was a fifteen-year-old ARMY who had been battling with a form of bone cancer over the past few years. Despite her serious illness she intended to go to BTS’s concert in Singapore on January 19th. She unfortunately passed away before the date of the concert. Her mother attended the concert to honor her.

She then wrote a beautiful letter to her late daughter and showed it to the world, it is incredibly moving.

“My darling girl,

I came to Singapore to meet the boys so you can feel at peace. I know that you have waited so long for this day to come, my lovely daughter. You have counted down the days one by one to this day. I know these last three years, these guys have been a huge motivation for you to battle your illness.

Especially Jungkook, who I talked about with you each day, whom I called my son-in-law. Everytime you heard me call him that you got giddy with excitement. You are nearly there, please play happily my love.

Buy the things you love, okay? Please buy the things I couldn’t get you before you passed. Don’t worry about saving money up there, I know you always worked hard to save money for mum. This time you may do whatever you like my beloved daughter. I miss you so much. I will send this letter to the world where Jungkook is. You must write your letter in your world, wherever you are.”


Source: TIIN


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