BTS’s Jungkook Wows Fans With His English Skills And Handsome Visuals 

He has a special message for fans.

If you’re in love with BTS‘s Jungkook, get in line — it’s only about 30 million people long!

On February 23, the Golden Maknae wowed fans with his gorgeous blonde locks and stellar English skills in a new promo clip for MTV Unplugged. 

Hello, it’s BTS. Our MTV Unplugged special is tonight, 9 PM ET on MTV. Don’t miss it.

— Jungkook

As expected, ARMY.exe immediately stopped working.

To recover, please reboot, take a five second “silence break”…

…and tune in to BTS’s highly anticipated guest appearance tonight! It will include a cover of Coldplay‘s song “Fix You” and a performance of BTS’s record-breaking song “Dynamite”.