This Is How Much It Will Cost You To Dress Like Shin Min Ah (Hint: It’s Over $10k)

Not all that glitters is gold unless Shin Min Ah is wearing it.

Shin Min Ah made headlines for her ensemble at the press conference for the upcoming tvN drama Our Blues.

Stars of Our Blues at the drama’s press conference | CJ ENM

Held on April 7, the press conference was a star-studded event attended by its incredible cast, including actors Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Cha Seung Won, Lee Jung Eun, Han Ji Min, Um Jung Hwa, and Kim Woo Bin. Star writer Noh Hee Kyung and Director Kim Kyu Tae were also in attendance.

Gucci dress worn by Shin Min Ah (left) and model (right) | Money Today

On this day, Shin Min Ah showed up in a Gucci one-piece. An ambassador for the Maison, the actress looked gorgeous in the dress, complimented with black Gucci ankle boots.

Gucci outfit Shin Min Ah wore at Our Blues press conference | Money Today

The outfit worn by Shin Min Ah retails for a cool ₩5.00 million KRW (about $4,070 USD). The matching Gucci ankle boots can be yours for another ₩1.80 million KRW (about $1,460 USD), light work.

Dressed to the nines, the actress also wore jewelry from brand Didier Dubot which she is also an ambassador for. The jewelry she wore alone costs an added ₩6.45 million KRW (about $5,250 USD). Her earrings cost ₩698,000 KRW (about $568 USD), and Didier Mon Paris rings cost ₩998,000 KRW (about $812 USD) and ₩898,000 KRW (about $731 USD) each. She also wore Didier Dubot’s Sèlection rings costing ₩1.28 million KRW (about $1,040 USD).

Shin Min Ah and Jewelry from Didier Dubot | Money Today

The total cost of her wardrobe? ₩13.3 million KRW (about $10,800 USD). Not all that glitters is gold but it probably is if Shin Min Ah’s wearing it.


Source: Money Today