Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang Loses Japanese Subscribers Because Of A Controversial Statement She Made

It is a controversial issue.

YouTuber Tzuyang recently discussed how she had once lost Japanese subscribers from her channel because of a statement she made in a video.

YouTuber Tzuyang | @tzuyang70/Instagram

Tzuyang is a YouTuber who uploads mukbangs, also known as eating shows and is considered one of the most famous mukbangers on YouTube.

On the episode of MBC‘s Radio Star that aired on September 13, Tzuyang appeared on the show as a guest.


During the show, Tzuyang, who was making her first appearance on Radio Star in two years, talked about her experience of spending a month living on an island called Ulleungdo while shooting mukbang content. She claimed that filming “island mukbang” is ten times more challenging than regular mukbangs for various reasons.


Tzuyang proudly mentioned that she once ate 84 Dokdo prawns with webtoon artist and TV personality Kian84 in celebration of Korea’s Dokdo Day on October 25. It was for a video she uploaded in 2021 titled “Ulleung Island Ep. 7) Eating 84 Dokdo Prawns with Kian84🤣 Dokdo is South Korea’s Territory!”

Kian84 (left) and Tzuyang (right) | tzuyang/YouTube

The Dokdo Islands are located in the middle of the Sea of Japan, almost equally distant from Japan and South Korea. It is often called the Liancourt Rocks; in Japan, it’s called Taekshima. The two countries have an ongoing dispute over who owns the islets. While Korea controls the islets, Japan contests against Korea’s sovereignty, and the people of Korea and Japan each have different views on who owns the islets.

Dokdo | National Geographic

Therefore, when Tzuyang posted the video of her celebrating Dokdo Day, it didn’t sit right with Japanese subscribers. In the video, she visited Dokdo and happily posed with a Korean flag.

She also proudly stated that “Dokdo is Korean territory” with subtitles translated into English, Japanese, and Chinese.

| tzuyang/YouTube

This became a big issue for Japanese subscribers, which led them to criticize her and unsubscribe from her channel. However, many Korean people found out about it and supported her, resulting in more subscribers than before.

Japanese subscribers unsubscribed, but in Korea, there were so many articles written about it, and it became a issue.

— Tzuyang

Despite losing subscribers, Tzuyang still has over 8.73 subscribers as of this article. On Radio Star, she mentioned how much her channel had grown since the last time she was on the show two years ago.

When I was on the show before, I had 3 million subscribers, but now I have over 8.6 million. Also, my total views have gone from 600 million to 2 billion.

— Tzuyang

Check out her Dokdo mukbang with Kian84 here.

Source: Wikitree