Multiple Korean 6-Year-Olds Sexually Assaulted, School Tries To Hide Everything

The school told the girl’s parents it wasn’t a big deal.

A 6-year-old boy sexually assaulted his classmates at a kindergarten in Seoul, and the kindergarten was caught trying to hide the incident.

A mother of a kindergartner reported that her 6-year-old daughter had been sexually assaulted by a classmate of the same age.

This little girl told to her mother that a boy in her class asked her if she would like to play an embarrassing game, which involved taking pants and underwear off and exposing her genitalia. She also revealed that the boy threatened her to play it with him, by telling her that he would bully her if she doesn’t play this sexual game with him.

Image of a Korean kindergarten, not the kindergarten in question.

It was revealed that there are 2 more victims in the same classroom and that this sexual game had been taking place repeatedly.

The parents of this little girl called the kindergarten right away and asked for a fact check and clarification of the situation, including a meeting with the parents of the boy.

A few days later, parents of the victim and the offending student met at the principal’s office. The victim’s parents expected a sincere apology from the boy’s parents, but what they heard only made them feel more disappointed.

“We have a little girl as well. However, when I asked for a legal advice on this case, I heard that there is no obligation for us to apologize. It is something that can happen naturally as kids grow up.”

— Offending student’s parents

Another victim revealed that this boy made her take all her clothes off under the piano in the classroom, but the kindergarten only tried to hide the situation and made it look as if the parents are overreacting to something that is not big of a deal.

“What happened at our kindergarten is just an emotional fight between the boy and a girl, and it can be called a big deal if call it big, and it is nothing if you call it nothing.

We could not find anything from our CCTV, but we did what we could by giving our children sex education and training our staff. We have hundreds of other children that need to take care of, and if this girl’s parents keep bothering us, we will take a legal action against them.”

— Kindergarten Principal

Although the principal tried to minimize the whole situation, the victimized little girl is reported to have been seriously traumatized and stressed by the sexual assault.

“From last October, my little girl would play for hours with feces in her pants. I think she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to take her pants off. We are very upset.”

— Victim’s parents

Currently, however, there are no legal or institutional regulations that are set to punish or regulate the sexual assaults offended by a preschooler.

Source: Instiz