Multiple netizens arrested after spreading malicious rumors about I.O.I’s Sohye

Multiple netizens have been arrested after an investigation into malicious rumors posted online about I.O.I‘s Sohye earlier this year.

I.O.I’s Sohye was involved in a controversy when she was accused of being a bully in her past. The post was initially spread online in 2016 and claimed that Sohye behaved like an “iljin” and even threatened to stab other students with a pencil.

Once the accusations were posted, Sohye’s agency S&P Entertainment responded by involving the authorities and filing charges. They denied the accusations and ensure that Sohye’s name was cleared through investigations.

Now, S&P Entertainment has updated fans on the progress of the investigations. According to the agency, they first filed an official complaint with authorities and were able to identify 11 users who were involved in the rumors.

The police have arrested the suspects and sent the case to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, where they will be prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law to bring justice upon the individuals. 

S&P Entertainment and Kim Sohye will also be separately filing for civil claims against the 11 users, along with the criminal charges being filed against them.

“Authorities have arrested 11 suspects and sent evidence to the Prosecutors office. We will post another announcement as soon as we find out their sentences and the compensation for damages [against us].

We appreciate your love and attention towards Kim Sohye.”

— S&P Entertainment

Source: DongA