“Music Bank” May Be Choosing New MCs And Fans Have Already Started To Nominate Their Faves

Who could be next?

For the past year, K-Pop fans have enjoyed watching TXT‘s Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin host the popular award show Music Bank. Now that their contracts are coming to a close, people are extremely interested in seeing who may be picked next!

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

Over a week after its initial release, the interview where Music Bank director Han Kyuong Cheon explained the show’s selection criteria for deciding on new MCs started gaining a lot more traction.

PD & Directors Interview (2021 K-POP TALK SHOW) | KBS WORLD TV

Although Han Kyuong Cheon never specified whether or not fan opinions are taken into consideration throughout the casting process, the comments section of the YouTube video have exploded, exceeding its view count by more than 50,000 at the time of publishing with different ‘nominations’ for the position.

The topic has also been trending on Twitter, with thousands of people encouraging their followers to comment on the video and tag the official accounts of Music Bank and KBS World in tweets about their suggestions for potential MC candidates.

However, a lot of viewers don’t want to see Soobin and Arin leave just yet! Fans love the on-screen chemistry they have with each other as well as their guests, and are even asking Music Bank to extend both of their contracts rather than hiring new MCs.

Who would you want to see as the Music Bank MCs this year?