[★BREAKING] Music Bank Evacuated Due To Bomb Threat

Police rushed to Music Bank and evacuated the building due to a bomb threat, according to numerous fans at the event.

Source: @JGSM_JGom

“They even closed down the entrance of the waiting room.”

– @am0819_bn

Source: @1990_mozzi

Multiple idols, including Highlight, GOT7, BtoB, Red Velvet, NCT 127, DJ Koo, Kim Jong Min, Lee Ji Hye, 9MUSES, DAY6, LABOUM, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, Bolbbalgan4, Brave Girls, SEVENTEEN, SEENROOT, ASTRO, NC.A, UP10TION, Apink, GFRIEND, Cosmic Girls, KNK, TEEN TOP, and PENTAGON were at the event for Music Bank’s Half-Year Special when the bomb threat was made.

“So apparently they evacuated people because of a suspected bomb threat… Why didn’t they evacuate the people in the upper floors though.”

– @1990_mozzi


Source: @ham_known

“Bomb installed at Music Bank so we were evacuated.”

– @ham_known

Source: @JGSM_JGom

Music Bank Has Released New Information

[★BREAKING] Police Special Forces Declare Music Bank Safe From Bomb Threat