“Music Core” Responds To Claims That GFRIEND Is Banned From Performing Since Partnering With BigHit

MBC’s statement tells a different story.

GFRIEND recently made a comeback with their new album,  “回:Song of the Sirens”. As it is customary for popular idols to make their rounds on the various music shows, it came as a surprised when GFRIEND was not announced to perform on MBC’s Music Core.

Their absence is speculated to stem from MBC and BigHit Entertainment’s current feud. The conflict arose back in 2018 when BTS was not able to perform at the 2018 MBC Gayo Daejejeon due to overseas schedules. Ever since the incident, all of BigHit’s artists and those affiliated with their subsidiaries were not seen on MBC.

As the broadcast station began receiving criticisms about banning BigHit artists, Music Core released a statement that told a different story.

They explained that they have reached out to GFRIEND to perform on the show but they have not accepted their invitation as of yet.

Hello. This is “Show! Music Core”.

The producers of “Show! Music Core” are working to cast musicians from a variety of genres to create stages that are different from the standard music programs.

Our producers have requested GFRIEND to appear, and we hope that they will appear to perform for our viewers.

“Show! Music Core” will continue to work hard to showcase the best stages for the K-Pop fans.

— Show! Music Core

Source Music has yet to respond to MBC’s claims. Meanwhile, GFRIEND has showcased their latest hit “Apple” through their showcase and 1theK.

Source: Hankyung