Music shows find themselves in a bind with EXID’s return with “Up & Down”

With the returning popularity of EXID’s “Up & Down,” originally released in August 2014, some Korean weekly music shows are finding themselves in a bind as the track aims for 1st place.

SBS Inkigayo follows a set rule regarding their chart rankings, in which the show excludes a track from their charts 10 weeks following the end of the artist’s promotions. On the other hand, KBS Music Bank will award the girl group a trophy should they reach first place on the show, regardless of when their first set of promotions had ended.

MBC Music Core, however, is still undecided and are currently discussing if EXID should be awarded a trophy should they reach first place on their show.

Over the last weekend, EXID’s “Up & Down” reflected their rise on online charts, and could be found in 7th place on Music Bank on the December 5th broadcasting. Between the November 29th and December 6th episode of Music Core, “Up & Down” jumped from 38th to 8th place in seven days! Therefore, their rise to 1st place on the upcoming December 13th episode of Music Core is very possible.

Regarding music shows’ chart rankings, they take account a general criteria: albums sold, song downloads, SNS votes, and broadcast votes. With the regained popularity of “Up & Down,” it seems very feasible for EXID to hit #1 in the music shows, excluding Inkigayo due to its 10-week policy.

Should EXID reach 1st place on any of the music programs, they will be the first group to”take the longest time (four months) to reach #1.” The girl group is already the first to go on a second round of promotions for the same song.

Source: Sports Donga