The Music Turned Off During EXID’s Stage And They Showed Their True Talent

EXID’s LE exhibited her true rapping skills through an unforeseen incident and has been receiving some well-deserved respect from fans.

On November 19, EXID went on the stage to perform their new single “DDD” for SBS’s Inkigayo.

Once it came to LE’s rap break, however, it became evident that her microphone was not working as only the background beat could be heard.

It was only for a brief moment, but the staff had to walk up on the stage to hand her a new microphone.

As a true performer, LE did not even flinch and showcased her live-rapping skills via new microphone.

LEGGOs even noticed LE’s cute smile for a brief second while she was holding two microphones at the same time, trying to juggle between the working and broken microphone.

It could have been a catastrophic incident, but LE’s professionalism and talent helped the situation to settle down hassle-free.

Fans praised her true professionalism and felt vindicated by LE’s show of true talent.

Watch the entire performance of their true professionalism below:

Source: DispatchΒ