Music Works’ Boy Group MYTEEN Has Disbanded

They disbanded after just 2 years.

Music Works‘ boy group MYTEEN has disbanded, just 2 years after debuting in 2017.

According to insiders, MYTEEN recently decided to disband and each member will head on their own paths. Members Song Yuvin and Kim Kookheon, who appeared in Produce X 101, have already been confirmed to form their own duet group under Music Works.

MYTEEN member Eunsu shared a post on his Instagram account following the news of the report, confirming the group has disbanded and apologized to fans for not being able to greet them one final time.

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Hello, this is Eunsu.

I spent a few nights wonder what I should say first. I’m writing a letter by hand every night, trying to make sure I don’t leave anything out, and I wrote one today too. As of today, MYTEEN has disbanded, and each member will go their separate ways.

Not just because of YOU”TH (MYTEEN’s fanclub), but also those around us who have given us a lot love, I was able to become a leader of MYTEEN and pour my entire body and strength into the group. I still don’t know how I can express myself or what to say right now.

I learned a lot since my time joining Music Works. I prepared all night long with nice people I met with the goal of debuting, and appearing on broadcasts and radio shows under the name of MYTEEN was more valuable than anything else in the world.

Actually, it was difficult to endure the long break, but I was able to do so because of all of the YOU”TH who came to see me perform and supported me from afar. All of this was possible because of you. It feels like we met each other just a few days ago, but I’m very sad that we were unable to meet YOU”TH since our last schedules in January.

From Follow MYTEEN before our debut to our reality show, our first and second albums, and our overseas activities, these three years there were more days that we were unable to see each other than days that we did, and I feel very sorry about that. We should have tried to greet YOU”TH in more varieties of ways… As time goes by, I feel sorry for the promises we couldn’t keep. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep the promises I wrote in my 2 year anniversary letter.

To Taevin, Chunjin, Kookheon, Junseop, Yuvin, and Hanseul. I was very happy during the time I spent with you all. Let’s have only good memories and support each other from wherever we are. I believe things will only work out well.

MYTEEN and YOU”TH, I’m thankful to everyone. I would like to thank all of the staff and seniors at Music Works who have been with us, and all of the staff members who have helped us, I am writing this letter to thank all of you as well. I will live even harder and please support me and send me your love!

It’s not the end, but the beginning.

Thank you everyone for supporting and loving a lacking person like me.

Thank you, and I’m sorry.

— Eunsu

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