MustM Entertainment Will Debut One Of The First Non-Asian Men In K-Pop, Here’s What We Know

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Get ready to meet the next foreign idol in K-Pop!

MustM Entertainment, the entertainment company of boy group MustB, will be debuting a non-Asian idol early next year.

| MustM Entertainment

According to the company, he goes by the name Daon (다온), and he was born on November 4, 1995.

Originally from America, he trained under various entertainment companies before finally settling on MustM Entertainment.

Fans are usually wary of foreigners who go into K-Pop without having even mastered Korean. Daon, however, is said to be fluent in the language, having resided in Korea for over six years.

Not only does he have the looks, he apparently also has the talent! His company revealed that one of his many talents is songwriting, but it doesn’t end there.

He has various charms that he will be able to show going forward.

— MustM Entertainment

This isn’t the first time a non-Asian male has made it to the K-Pop industry. Among several others, fans may be familiar with Kyle and Marco from the group ESQ.

While waiting for Daon’s debut, watch MustB’s music video for “Realize” below.

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