MYNAME Chaejin Writes Apology Letter After Scandal With Jo Hyuna

He was caught in a compromising position, and now he’s apologizing to his fans.

MYNAME‘s Chaejin has written an apology letter to fans after a sexy video with Urban Zakapa‘s Jo Hyuna was leaked and went viral.

Chaejin recently appeared on The Unit with Jo Hyuna, who was a mentor for contestants.


Although the show ended, their relationship seemed to have gotten closer thanks to leaked footage which show Chaejin in what looks like underwear on top of Hyuna, who has her legs wrapped around him.


Rumors the two were dating circulated after the video was released but they were denied.


According to MYNAME’s agency H2 Media, the video had been taken during a private party, while the two were playing a drinking game.

Jo Hyuna posing for the press conference of “The Unit”.


A few days after the scandal broke, Chaejin wrote a letter apologizing for the video.

“Hello, this is Chae Jinsuk. First, I sincerely apologize to the fans who support us, my members, agency employees, friends, and family for causing concern. I’m sorry that I needed to take a few days to have the courage to say this.

Unintentionally, a clip was posted online, but it was because of my thoughtless behavior, so I really wanted to say sorry. I was surprised, scared and upset because a distorted truth was spreading. But even more so, since I’ve lived the past eight years of my life with the support from the public and fans, I was upset by the fact that I disappointed you.

I think everything is because of my lack of virtue. What happened that day is exactly what was said through my agency, without any lies or additions. Through this incident, I will self-reflect and learn. I feel deeply how all of my actions can be a test of my past.

Once again, I sincerely apologize to the fans, MYNAME members, agency employees, friends, family and everyone.” — Chaejin


He’s getting a lot of mixed responses from netizens, but most of them think he has nothing to apologize for.

  • “It’s not really anything for him to be apologizing over. He’s free to play any type of game that he wants. He should just go and find whoever uploaded it and beat them up.”
  • “He was in his underwear on top of a woman holding her arms down while the woman looked like she was having the time of her life with her legs wrapped around his waist ㅋㅋㅋ talk about embarrassing getting caught like that.”
  • “Is this really worth an apology though? They’re not minors, they weren’t caught having an affair… who cares what two consenting adults do in a room together? They weren’t doing drugs either… Aigoo, all of you pretend gentlemen acting so much better than them.”
  • “But isn’t this the fault of the person who uploaded it? And how embarrassing this whole thing must be for her, especially since her parents and friends must’ve seen the pictures too ㅜㅜ These two did not commit a crime worthy of death or anything.”


A close friend of the two insists it was not a sexual game and it was all in good fun.

“I think it was a misunderstanding. The video was captured during the heavy action of pushing and pulling. It wasn’t an embarrassing game to watch and it was in front of a group of acquaintances and friends.” Anonymous Male Friend

Source: Dispatch, Nate and Sports Today