The Mysterious Portrait Of BTS’s Jimin From TXT’s Video Has Finally Been Solved

It’s been 9 months.

Back in October 2019, nearly 9 months ago, TXT held a birthday party for Yeonjun at BigHit’s headquarters. They uploaded the video of their celebration on YouTube but ARMYs had a question.

At the back wall of the room, there hung a photo of BTS‘s Jimin that not even the most devoted ARMYs knew about. So the mystery began… Where was it from? Why is it there? Why is it only Jimin?

Because clearly, a portrait that big hanging at the center of the wall all on its own meant it’s a very important photo.

9 long months later, the mystery was put to rest during BTS’s latest Run BTS episode! The portrait was actually from their photoshoot of each other, and the prized portrait was the grand prize gifted to Suga, who was the episode’s 1st place winner!

And what a grand prize it was! An award fit for a king!

Suga and the rest of the members cracked up at the 1st place prize, but ARMYs agree that it’s the best portrait of Jimin since he was just a baby mochi.

It was gifted for Suga to put up in his room but it appears Suga had bigger and better plans for it. He donated the portrait to BigHit so that ARMYs, MOAs, and any other fandoms to come will be able to revel in its glory for years to come!

Check out the first spotting of Jimin’s portrait below:

Source: Instiz and Nate Pann