Mystery Solved: The Hilarious Reason &TEAM’s K Actually “Pushed” ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon When They Reunited

The interaction after “&AUDITION – The Howling” showcases how close K is with ENHYPEN!

Recently, after a grueling show, the Japanese and Korean reality show &Audition – The Howling finally finished. They finalized the five trainees that would become part of the nine members of the Japanese group &TEAM.

Although all the members have caught the eye of fans, one person who has caught the attention of fans for a long time is member K.


The Japanese trainee first gained attention back in 2020 during Mnet’s reality show I-LAND as one of the favorites to make it into the debuting group. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the final round and wasn’t able to debut as part of ENHYPEN.

K as a participant on “I-LAND” | Mnet

K wasn’t part of the &Audition competition as his talent was already recognized and, along with fellow I-LAND contestants Taki, Nicholas, and EJ, were already chosen to be part of the group no matter what.

Of course, after appearing in I-LAND, K has always had a strong friendship with the members of ENHYPEN. It was no different as they reunited at the final.

ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki with Jay and Taki | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

During the final episode, the members of ENHYPEN gave advice and their own words of wisdom to the trainees. At one point, it was Jay‘s turn, and, knowing about the issues of language boundaries, he started speaking Japanese.


As soon as the words started coming out of his mouth, netizens noticed that both K and Ni-Ki (the only Japanese member of ENHYPEN) started to turn their heads to stop themselves from laughing.


One clip, in particular, has gained attention from fans, and it truly showcases how close the members are. After the show had ended, ENHYPEN went backstage to greet all the members of &TEAM.

When Sunghoon went toward K, netizens noticed that K pushed him away with a huge smile on his face. Of course, considering how close they are to each other, netizens knew that there had to be a story behind it.

As expected, detective netizens quickly found the source of the moment. During his introduction, K did the cutest pose where he did a peace sign and stuck out his tongue,


Another angle of the moment showed that, as Sunghoon approached K, he mimicked K’s movement. Of course, considering how adorable it was, K must’ve found it cringey and wanted to get back at his younger brother for teasing him.

When a video was shared about the incident on TikTok, thousands of fans watched the hilarious moment between K and Sunghoon. Some loved the chemistry between the two, and others joked that the mystery was solved as the push seemed personal.

Yet, if that wasn’t enough, K showcased his friendship with the group during a live broadcast with Jay and Jungwon.

During the broadcast, K appeared on a phone call, and it seems like they have continued to stay close even after I-LAND. Jay even explained how they always go bowling.

He even sang a bit of ENHYPEN’s “Pass The Mic,” and hopefully, now that K is set to debut in December, there will be more public interactions between all the members.

For many fans of I-LAND, it was amazing to see a reunion between ENHYPEN and those who are now going to debut in the new Japan group. Many couldn’t get enough of the interactions and are hoping that there will be plenty more in the future.

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