Mystic Entertainment Announces Their New Name Change And What It Means

Mystic Entertainment announced that they’ve changed their company name and explains what it means and why they decided to change it.

Mystic Entertainment has officially changed their company name to MYSTIC STORY. They revealed that they’ve changed their name to better fit the company’s new direction, where they not only focus on managing celebrities but also produce contents in various fields.


Over the past years, Mystic focused on managing and producing artists, actors, and celebrities. But they’re now expanding their field to producing contents.

“The company’s name change encompasses our goals to create content that tells good stories. We’ll be working hard to tell our own stories in a variety of genres, like music, movies, variety and more.”

— Jo Young Cheol, MYSTIC STORY CEO


Their first original content will be Netflix’s original series, Persona, where four directors each work with one actor (IU) to tell four different stories. Persona is set to release on April 5 through Netflix.


MYSTIC STORY has managed multiple top name celebrities, such as Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Young Cheol, Seo Jang Hoon, Kian84, and more.

Source: News1