MYTEEN’s Hanseul Allegedly Gives Fan The Finger, Agency Responds

The agency gave an explanation.

A photo of MYTEEN’s Hanseul at a fansign event looking like he is flipping someone off has been going viral and attracting criticism from netizens.


Although it is unclear as to why the gesture was made, the fansite master who was taking the photo was apparently extremely offended as she expressed her anger through a post on her SNS account.

“All the times I stood up for you was such a damn waste of time^^
Birds listen to words of the morning, mice listen to words of the night and I listen to the words of Minjoon (Hanseul’s real name)~~~^^
You just go ahead and use the presents I gave you
And I’ll go ahead and accept the bird you gave me~~~”


She also added that the nickname “f*ck-you boy” he’s been given was inappropriate as he was a “fish who sees fans as money and says rude things”, clearly furious at the way she was treated.

“I’m a little disappointed that he became known as the f*ck-you boy. He’s not a f*ck-you boy, he’s >>> a fish who sees fans as money and says rude things <<<“


The photo has awakened the curiosity of netizens who are looking for an explanation for the behavior.

  • “Does anyone know what happened? Who is he flipping off? There must’ve been a reason.”
  • “What happened? Was there a reason he was doing that at the event?”
  • “Are you sure that’s not edited? I thought it was fake…”


Despite the lack of background, some netizens did not hesitate to criticize the idol for his behavior and attack his character.

  • “MYTEEN those b*tches…I think it was him. They came to our school to perform but their attitude wasn’t so good considering they were just about to debut…I thought I’d paid to see them.”
  • “This is the type of thing we should share. His character is sh*t.”
  • “He’s digging his own grave. Bye-bye, unknown idol.”


As a result of the issue that it has been causing, MYTEEN’s agency has released an official statement in regard to the photo, explaining that it was a misunderstanding.

“We have confirmed that the photo was taken in August of last year during [MYTEEN’s] debut album fansign event when [Hanseul] was folding and opening his hands to make various poses. We apologize for causing everyone trouble. We will make sure to prevent such mistakes from occurring again.”


Meanwhile, some fans have been doubting the intentions of the fansite master who shared the post, claiming that she was purposely attacking the idol to make him look bad. As mentioned by the agency, the photo in question was in fact taken over a year ago.

Source: MBN Star and Pann Nate