N.Flying gives witty answer when asked to choose between FTISLAND and CNBLUE

In a live airing of FNC Picnic At Night on August 11th, rookie male band N.Flying was asked who between FTISLAND and CNBLUE they chose as their role model.

FNC Picnic At Night featured all of FNC Entertainment’s artists including FTISLAND, CNBLUE, Juniel, AOA, and N.Flying.

Jung Hyung Don, who recently joined their agency as well, was present as the MC and asked N.Flying, “In the agency, which of your seniors – FTISLAND or CNBLUE – is your rolemodel?” 

At the question, the members seemed hesitant to answer, but Jaehyun lead the group and gave a witty answer and said, “CNISLAND,” raising laughter in the studio.

In the same airing, Hongki of FTISLAND made an attempt to dance to AOA’s Heart Attack” after a quick lesson from one of its members.

Source: OSEN