“Marry My Husband” Actor Na In Woo Gains Attention For His Height Difference With Co-Star Park Min Young

Someone else also stole the show… for a very different reason.

Actor Na In Woo has gained attention for his behavior towards Park Min Young.

Na In Woo and Park Min Young | tvN

Na In Woo is currently starring alongside Park Min Young in the newest K-Drama Marry My Husband, and their relationship in the show already has netizens swooning.

During the recent press conference for the show, Park Min Young noticed that there was a hot pack in the middle of the stage.

Yet, when Park Min Young went to pick it up (in heels), Na In Woo noticed and quickly showcased his true personality as he quickly knelt down and threw it to the back.

When the tweet of the video was shared…

Netizens couldn’t get over the chemistry between the two, whether it was from the height difference or how sweet Na In Woo was being.



The initial clip gained attention for Na In Woo’s “gentleman-like” behavior. Yet, when the clip was shared on TikTok, someone else stole the limelight, and it was co-star Lee Yi Kyung.

Of course, despite playing a major red flag in the K-Drama, Yi Kyung is known for his comedic nature both in his roles and just in normal life.

In the new video shared, while Na In Woo removed the hot pack, the camera zoomed out to show Yi Kyung looking very confused as he watched what was going on.

He then made Na In Woo flustered when they were saying their greetings and Yi Kyung went down to the floor for the sincerest bow.

When the video was posted, while many still couldn’t get over Na In Woo’s behavior (and his adorable height difference from Park Min Young), netizens loved how random and charismatic Yi Kyung was in the clip.

With the first episodes already out, netizens have shared their praise for the show and the cast, and it seems like there is just as much content off-screen as in the show itself.

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