Producer Na Young Seok Asks BTS’s Jungkook To Use His “Sold Out King” Title To Promote His Show

There isn’t anything he can’t sell!

BTS recently collaborated with tvN‘s The Game Caterers for Run BTS! The group also appeared on a special episode on YouTube, providing ARMY with even more content!

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It seems as if producer Na Young Seok did his homework before appearing on the show because he seemed to know maknae Jungkook‘s role as the “Sold Out King.”

During the episode, Na Young Seok asked Jungkook if he’d bought anything recently.

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Although Jungkook didn’t seem to remember, Na Young Seok appeared to have an idea. He asked Jungkook for a favor, saying, “Will you say you watched ‘The Game Caterers’?’

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Jungkook initially seemed flustered by the response. Suga was there to make things clearer, adding, “Just say you bought it.” He was referring to the fact that everything Jungkook buys instantly becomes popular and sells out.

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Luckily, Jungkook seemed to understand and said those simple words, which should hopefully boost The Game Caterers’ like the rest of the products.

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Na Young Seok seemed so happy with the promotion that Jungkook might even be the newest CEO!

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You can watch the rest of the episode below.


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