Park Joo Ho’s Wife Gives Birth To Naeun And Aciel’s New Baby Sibling

Welcome, Baby Park!

Soccer player, Park Joo Ho, and his wife have welcomed their 3rd child into the world! Anna uploaded a photo of “Baby Park” on her Instagram and revealed that their newest family addition was born on January 13, 2020 – just a few days before his dad’s birthday!


It appears Baby Park is another beautiful boy with the cutest hands and a healthy set of hair!

It was only just a few years ago when the world was introduced to Park Joo Ho’s adorable family. Naeun (Eden) and Gunhoo (Aciel) have stolen the world’s hearts with their adorable cuteness!


Return of Superman also congratulated the couple as they hoped Baby Park will join his siblings on the show in the future!

We heard that Park Joo Ho’s third child was born. We sent him our congratulations, and we hope the new baby will join us on the show in the future.

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Anna first broke the news of their upcoming child on the last day of 2019. She revealed that they had been keeping the pregnancy a secret to hold as a family.

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For a while now we've been keeping this little treasure secretly safe, just to enjoy the most of it for ourselves. And for a little over a week we've been receiving an overwhelming amount of loving and supportive messagesโ™ก I'm for ever grateful for the love you all give my little family, but it's hard to put into words how amazing you all are and the effect your positive messages have on us. Kind words from all around the world make me want to share and give moreโ™ก And for you, my little one: See you very soonโ™ก . #EdenPark #์ด๋“  #๋ฐ•๋‚˜์€ #๋‚˜์€์ด #ateEden #AcielPark #์•„์‹œ์—˜ #๋ฐ•๊ฑดํ›„ #๊ฑดํ›„ #pipipaus #ํŒŒ์ถ”ํ˜ธ

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And they’ve been spoiling Aciel since he was no longer going to be the baby of the house!


Congratulations to Park Joo Ho and his family!

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