Naeun chosen to be the new girl in PSY’s upcoming music video

Apink‘s Naeun is the next idol to star as PSY‘s muse in his upcoming music video.

PSY recently finished recording his music video in Macau and Apink’s Naeun was chosen to be his muse. PSY is preparing for his comeback in May with his 8th studio album.

No other information about the music video was revealed, but an insider from Naeun’s agency, Plan A Entertainment, have confirmed the news.

“Naeun will be playing a significant role in PSY’s music video that was recently filmed in Macau.”

— Plan A Entertainment insider

Previously, PSY has worked with different female idols for his previous music videos. In 2012, HyunA starred in PSY’s global hit, “Gangnam Style”, followed by Ga In in “Gentleman” and CL in “Daddy”.

Source: News1