Naeun (Eden) Couldn’t Help But Stop And Buy The “Prettiest” BTS Member’s Doll

She thinks he’s the prettiest!

Park Naeun (aka Eden) may be one of the most famous toddlers in the world thanks to her adorable personality as shown in Return of Superman.

But even this cute angel can’t help but be amazed by Mattel’s dolls of BTS!


During her recent outing in Switzerland, Naeun was shopping at a toy section when she stopped immediately after seeing BTS dolls!

We went out to get a birthday present for her friend and she stopped to look at her Korean peers.

— Naeun’s Mom


Out of all the dolls, she chose one specific doll because he’s “so pretty“!


That doll turned out to be V!


The doll was specifically made from V’s styling during their “IDOL” music video. The doll captured V’s half blonde half pink hair and his vibrant jacket!


His visuals are Naeun-certified as even she was mesmerized by the “pretty” doll!


Hopefully she’ll be able to meet V in person so they can play with her new doll together soon!