Naeun And Gunhoo (Eden And Aciel)’s Baby Brother Revealed In New Birth Video

Welcome to the world, Baby Park!

Just a few months ago, Naeun (Eden) and Gunhoo (Aciel)’s family welcomed a baby sibling to the world! Anna had only revealed a few photos of Baby Park in adorable photos until now.

Park Joo Ho decided to introduce their newest member a little closer to the fans through a birth video!

Park Joo Ho was in Chiang Mai when he got news that Anna will be in labor soon. He spent basically a whole day on the plane to rush to Basel, Germany to reunite with his family.

On the day of Baby Park’s birth, Park Joo Ho was so excited and so nervous that he couldn’t stop talking to himself as he awaited Baby #3.

And finally, Baby Park was born! He reassured everyone that Anna and the baby were both healthy and how happy he was to welcome his 3rd child.

He revealed that he had always been the one to accept his children to the world, and he did the same for his third!

After getting some rest, Park Joo Ho held his baby close to his chest as he teased his fans about whether the baby was a son or a daughter.

It turns out that Baby Park is a boy! At the end of the video, Park Joo Ho finally unveiled Baby Park’s full name: Élyséen Jinwoo Park!

Naeun and Gunhoo are so in love with their baby brother, and so are the rest of the world!