Netizens Wonder If SM Entertainment Just Completely Forgot Nævis’s Debut

Where did she go?

Back in January, SM Entertainment made an announcement that they were planning to have an official debut for Nævis, an AI in aespa‘s universe that plays an important role in the group’s world lore.

Nævis | SM Entertainment

Her debut was scheduled to happen in March, with her official debut stage set to be at the international music festival SXSW (South By South West). The festival previously announced that aespa would perform at a VR concert, where the four members and Nævis were going to dance and sing.

aespa and their AIs | SM Entertainment

However, the 2023 SXSW conference has come and gone, running between March 10 and 19. And while it does seem like there was some kind of “VR Concert at KWANGYA” during the event, it doesn’t seem like Nævis was involved.

At this point, fans of the group are wondering if SM Entertainment has just completely forgotten or scrapped the idea of debuting the AI character on her own. With everything that’s been going on at the K-Pop company lately, it seems quite possible that it just couldn’t happen.

| SM Entertainment

A Reddit post was recently made to discuss the matter.

Did SM Entertainment just forget about Naevis’s debut? from kpopthoughts

Fans have shared their varying opinions about what might have happened to cancel or postpone Nævis’s debut, from her being a passion project of the label’s founder Lee Soo Man to her debut being delayed due to aespa’s own comeback delay.

And then, there are some “theories” that are just downright silly.

Some people are happy that the debut hasn’t and possibly won’t happen, as they would rather have more time and effort be put into aespa’s long-awaited comeback and first full album.

It seems that only time will tell, however, if Nævis really will make her own debut.

Source: Reddit


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