Fans Get #NakedForMonstaX To Celebrate Their Collaboration With Urban Decay

Monbebes show off their creative side with this new trend.

Last month, Starship Entertainment announced MONSTA X to be the new global brand ambassadors of Urban Decay Cosmetics. The collaboration was kick-started when MONSTA X appeared on the cover of Beauty+ Magazine for their February 2021 issue, the title “Naked Monsta X” intriguing fans.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

The hashtag #NakedForMonstaX attracted the attention of many Twitter users but it simply alludes to Urban Decay’s signature Naked Eyeshadow Palette series and the Beauty+ cover story. The hashtag amassed over 56 thousand tweets, amongst which were some very confused ones!

This support project was started by Twitter user @qtchangkyun and quickly took over the website by storm. Many Monbebes took to sharing their favorite looks, amazing the world with their talent.

Some looks were inspired by MONSTA X themselves, whether it was an album cover, an iconic makeup moment or even an inside joke.

This particular look matches Jooheon‘s in their “Fantasia” music video, all the way down to the matching gold accessories.

The reds and blacks that dominated the “Love Killa” music video really pop in this next look!

Monbebes are always the first to bring humor into any situation and this trend was no exception: this particular makeup look celebrated Shownu‘s first Among Us win against his members in a creative way!

Monbebes who simply wanted to support the project without sharing any makeup looks also took to the trend more jokingly.

Urban Decay has already hinted at further plans for their work with the group – perhaps a MONSTA X-inspired eyeshadow palette?

Needless to say, Monbebes are more than thrilled about this new collaboration and are eagerly looking forward to new developments.