Nam Joo Hyuk Explains Just How Important His Fans Are To Him

He’s dedicated to communicating with his fans!

Korean model and actor Nam Joo Hyuk starred in the photo shoot and interview for the Chinese magazine “Chic Teen” and shared his utmost love for his fans worldwide.


During the interview, Nam Joo Hyuk pointed out that his fans keep him motivated.

“My fans are a great motivation for me. I want to show them the best sides of me. So I have to keep working hard.” — Nam Joo Hyuk


It is clear that the actor values his fans, especially from the lengths Nam Joo Hyuk will go for them. He is focused on improving his foreign language skills so that he can communicate better.


His “Chic Teen” interview isn’t the only time this model and actor talked about his pursuit of a second language. In his previous interviews, Nam Joo Hyuk mentioned that his role in the 2017 K-Drama The Bride of Habaek made him better known in the global community. Since then, he has been trying to break the language barrier with his international fans.

“I look forward to being able to speak another language fluently. And I’m not the type to back down from a challenge.” — Nam Joo Hyuk


Fans appreciate the actor’s effort and can’t wait to hear him talk in another language!

Source: SE Daily and Marie Claire Korea