Nam Joo Hyuk Reveals He Beat Stephen Curry At 1-On-1 Basketball Game

It was edited out, but he remembers the day he beat a legend.

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk is an avid fan of basketball and the world star athlete, Stephen Curry.

“Ohaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” — Nam Joo Hyuk


As everyone knows, Nam Joo Hyuk even met Stephen Curry and played basketball with him on Infinite Challenge!


But what people didn’t know was that Nam Joo Hyuk actually took Stephen Curry on 1-on-1 and beat him!

“It was edited out, but I played him 1:1. I won! Really!”

— Nam Joo Hyuk


Nam Joo Hyuk confessed that he was only able to beat him because Stephen Curry didn’t play at his fullest potential. But even so, Nam Joo Hyuk was able to put a score past one of the greatest ballers around!

“Of course, he didn’t give it his all because he didn’t know I played basketball. I took that opportunity to show him what I could do.

He gave me the upper hand. He would purposefully miss, so I took that chance and scored.”

— Nam Joo Hyuk


Nam Joo Hyuk actually played the game himself back in middle school. He played for 3 years until he had to get surgery on his legs, which ultimately made him give up his dreams to play professionally.

“I played basketball in middle school and dreamed of becoming a basketball player. I thought there was nothing I’d be able to do except basketball.

I was a guard. I played for about 3 years. I quit playing in high school. I had to get surgery twice on my legs during my last year of middle school.”

— Nam Joo Hyuk


Just how good was he during his heyday? He used to compete in amateur competitions and never lose a game!

“I used to compete in 3:3 amateur games. The winners received a 1 million won (~$900 USD) gift certificate to N*ke.

I won every competition. I was good until then.”

— Nam Joo Hyuk


Tall, handsome, good at acting and basketball? Does Nam Joo Hyuk even have a weakness?!