Nam Joo Hyuk Suffers From Fan Girls Constantly Touching Him Inappropriately at Filipino FanCon

He looked so uncomfortable.

Nam Joo Hyuk recently held a joint fan meeting with Sandara Park in the Philippines for Penshoppe, but the event became a huge talking point after many Filipino fangirls did not respect Nam Joo Hyuk’s personal space during the photo session.


Things got so bad, nails from the fangirls ended up leaving scratches and red marks on Nam Joo Hyuk’s arms.


Nam Joo Hyuk was seen very uncomfortable with how intimate some of the Filipino fans were getting, but remained professional despite the circumstances.


Both Korean and international fans are denouncing the acts of these fan girls, calling for better protection for the celebrities and asking for more respect to be given to them.

  • Nam Joo Hyuk can’t even look mad at them or move their hands away because he is a celebrity… He just has to accept it and keep smiling. These aren’t fans, they’re sexual harassers.
  • This would have been extremely controversial if it was a woman instead. People think it’s okay because he’s a male.
  • The girl in the blue overalls (last gif) is taking it way too far. So awkward…
  • He even was protecting his groin area…
  • Would a fan be arrested if they tried to act like this towards TWICE?


In addition, the fan girls also treated Sandara Park poorly, but not to the degree of Nam Joo Hyuk.

It is also important to note that not all Filipino fans behave this way towards their favorite celebrities, only a small portion of them.