Another Alleged Classmate Of Nam Joo Hyuk Defends The Actor Against Bullying Accusations

“If any of our classmates were involved in bullying, there is no way we wouldn’t have known.”

The controversy surrounding actor Nam Joo Hyuk‘s alleged bullying accusations takes another turn.

Nam Joo Hyuk | @skawngur/Instagram

After the actor’s agency, Management Soop, denied the initial allegations against the actor, fans were shocked when another former schoolmate stepped forward with new allegations.

The new allegations were much more graphic than the first accusations.

| @skawngur/Instagram

The new alleged former schoolmate accused the actor of physically and mentally abusing him.

The alleged abuses include forcing his schoolmate to fight one another. Another allegation detailed that the actor would borrow the accuser’s phone or hot spot.

If I refused Nam Joo Hyuk’s request or he did not like the group, he would designate a sparring partner for me and make us fight. His group would make a ring around me, and the opponent and we would have to fight.

He would also use my phone and purchase games and game items that cost quite a bit. When I asked him for money because my parents pay for my phone, he asked why he had to give me money, and so I never received any money.

— Second accuser

The accuser also alleged. the actor would force him to be a bread shuttle. “Bread shuttle” refers to someone who is bullied that is forced to run errands and buy bread for his bullies.

One day Nam Joo Hyuk told me that if I bought him bread in 3 minutes he will free me from this ‘bread shuttle’. I ran to get his bread but he said that it took longer than three minutes and I would have to continue doing this.

— Second accuser

Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency Management Soop has again denied all of the allegations.

On June 30, a post titled, “I Was A Classmate Of Nam Joo Hyuk In Highschool.” The post has since gone viral and has been viewed a total of 190K times.

The poster claims he was a classmate of the actor in his second year of Highschool (Korean Highschool is three years long). As evidence, the poster offered a picture of the school’s yearbook and graduation certificate.

Yearbook and graduation certificate | Nate Pann

The poster goes on to defend the actor, saying that he had never witnessed Nam Joo Hyuk, or anybody else for that matter, force another student to be a bread shuttle.

I have never seen Nam Joo Hyuk swear at or abuse another classmate. Although there is no way for me to know everything that went on, I think if any of our classmates were involved in bullying like “bread shuttles,” objectively speaking, there is no way we wouldn’t have known.

— Netizen

The alleged former classmate denied other allegations that the actor forced students to fight one another and that he forced classmates to let him use their phone’s hotspot.

Regarding the phone, there was another student who used the teacher’s phone to make purchases. It didn’t involve Nam Joo Hyuk or anyone else. I remember the incident clearly.

Also, I believe all of you guys are familiar with WWE pro wrestling. We would pretend to wrestle in the back of the classroom during lunch. I can say for sure that never did we make a ring and force others to fight. No one organized anything, and we would play of our own volition. I read the second allegation, and it seemed they twisted these events into something much more sinister.

— Netizen

The netizen then emphasized that the allegations manipulated true events and that the allegations were full of half-truths.

Although I can deny something that didn’t happen, the allegations regarding the phone and sparring incidents manipulate events that had happened maliciously.

— Netizen

Netizens showed a mixed response. While some netizens believed that the actor was innocent, there were others who felt the allegations were true.

This is so trashy Joo Hyuk.

— Netizen

I honestly believe Nam Joo Hyuk more lol … Anybody that followed this from the beginning will know how the original accuser has changed his story and even the mother of the original accuser said it was the original accuser that was bullied when the original accuser said it was a friend of his who got bullied…(sic)

— Netizen

Who do you believe is telling the truth? Stay tuned for updates!

Source: Nate Pann