Actor Nam Joo Hyuk Continues Schedules Following His Bullying Allegations Amidst Netizen Uproar

Netizens are unhappy.

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk was recently embroiled in controversy when former schoolmates stepped up to accuse him of school violence. His agency denied the claims. While his friends stepped up to dispel the allegations, other alleged victims continued to speak up.

While his case still remains unclear, Nam Joo Hyuk stepped out in public on July 18, 2022, for a script reading. He is to star in a new K-Drama, Vigilante.

Nam Joo Hyuk. | YTN Star

It was reported by Korean media outlet, YTN Star, that the drama’s script reading kicked off on July 18, 2022, someplace in Seoul. Not only was Nam Joo Hyuk present, but the other stars, Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Jun Hyuk, and more also were present.

Amidst all this, netizens are disapproving of his actions that seem to ignore his scandal.

| theqoo
  • “So funny how every time there’s such a scandal, their next role is always that of a good person.”
  • “What do we do about those shameless comments… Just by reading his KakaoTalk replies, you can tell that there’s no answer to him.”
  • “Not buying.”
  • “What about…his school violence…”
  • “I already was dumbfounded at how they glossed over the KakaoTalk prison group bullying incident by saying it was a personal matter but this is so shameless of him.”
  • “I think things blew up too late.”
  • “Wow how shameless.”
  • “I thought that he would escape to the army but he’s probably shamelessly continuing to appear like this because he doesn’t think he did anything wrong, right?”

Nam Joo Hyuk will play the role of Ji Yong, a student at a police university. It is a remake of a webtoon about a vigilante that keeps an eye on criminals that slip through the hands of the law.

Source: theqoo