Nam Taehyun Compares His Earnings To When He Was In WINNER

He left the group 4 years ago.

Nam Taehyun used to be a member of WINNER when they first debuted as a 5-member group. But he left in 2016 to form his own company and his band, South Band.

During an appearance on Video Star, Nam Taehyun compared his current income to when he was in WINNER. He revealed that he earns about the same.

It’s about the same.

It’s about the same because back then we had to split it evenly and we were a group of 5 members. But now, I don’t need to split it.

— Nam Taehyun

Although he may be making the same, he doesn’t see a profit yet because it all goes back into running his company.

I don’t make a profit yet. I’m earning more than before but it all goes into running my business.

— Nam Taehyun

Nam Taehyun has been becoming more active than before as he appears on multiple variety shows and music shows. South Club most recently made their comeback on September 2 with “Rock Star”.