Nam Taehyun Had A Reunion Dinner With WINNER

WINNER and their former member Nam Taehyun reunited for dinner thanks to Yang Hyun Suk.

On 1theK’s Spot Interview, Nam Taehyun revealed that he recently met up with the group at the funeral for Yang Hyun Suk’s late father.

When he heard news of the passing, Taehyun contacted Yang Hyun Suk with his condolences.

Although he was uncertain if messaging him was the right thing to do, Yang Hyun Suk thanked him and invited him to the funeral.

Taehyun reunited with the four WINNER members, who also gathered to pay their respects.

“I met up with the WINNER members. The five of us paid our respects and ate dinner together just like we used to do.”

— Nam Taehyun

Yang Hyun Suk was the one who actually told the five members to reconnect like old times.

“He told the WINNER members, ‘Since Taehyun is here, you should spend time talking together.'”

— Nam Taehyun

Taehyun revealed that he got emotional, and almost wanted to cry.

“I got somewhat emotional. I was very grateful to him.”

— Nam Taehyun

Although he left WINNER to pursue his own path, Taehyun still values his members and will keep in contact with his YG family.

“Relationships with others last forever. They were like a family to me. They’re people who I’ll continue to interact with for the rest of my life.”

— Nam Taehyun

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