Nam Taehyun Reveals He’s In A Lot Of Debt After Leaving WINNER

Nam Tae Hyun admits he is struggling to keep his band afloat.

Nam Tae Hyun, former WINNER member and now a leader of his own band South Club, appeared on Video Star and shared the difficulties of leaving a big name entertainment agency and idol scene to pursue his own color of music.


Without the support of a large scale corporate to produce the band, Nam Tae Hyun is in charge of styling, producing, and managing his four-man band.

“Now that I’m on my own, I have so much on my hands. I’m the manager, the hair stylist, make-up artist…” — Nam Tae Hyun


As the leader, Nam Tae Hyun pays for all production costs, staff salaries, and other expenses related to keeping the band going.


Nam Tae Hyun admitted he is now deep in dept trying to make ends meet for his band.

“I owe so much now…” — Nam Tae Hyun


When the band’s songs don’t do well, it only drives Nam Tae Hyun into more financial crisis.

Nam Tae Hyun turned this into an opportunity to appeal to the viewers to support the new track, “Outcast”.


The hosts felt terrible for him.

“Can we get some sad music to play in the background please?” — Park Na Rae


Nam Tae Hyun promised he will work harder by appearing on different TV shows and promoting his band more. It looks like fans will be getting a lot more of Nam Tae Hyun and the South Club band from now on!


Check out South Club’s new track below:

Source: Xports News