Nam Taehyun’s deleted SNS post adds fuel to dating speculations with Jung Ryeo Won

Former WINNER member Nam Taehyun sparks speculation as to whether he is dating actress Jung Ryeo Won after an accidental post on Instagram. 

Recently, Nam Taehyun was caught deleting a photo at lightning speed right after it was posted. The photo in question appeared at first to simply be a selfie. It’s not hard to notice the hand underneath his head, however, is not his but that of a mystery woman wearing 4 mysterious rings.

Netizens were quick to notice that the actress Jung Ryeo Won likes to wear rings on each of her fingers just like the ones in Taehyun’s photo. Images have surfaced juxtaposing the two photos and the internet is abuzz with the speculation about this “lovestagram.”

Taehyun’s deleted post vs Ryeo Won’s photo

The lightning speed with which Taehyun removed the post has only added to these speculations.

This would not be the first time that the two were involved in a dating controversy. Last year, it was reported that they have been secretly dating, but the speculations were denied by their respective agencies.

Here are some updates from Ryeo Won’s Instagram: 

A post shared by JUNG RYEOWON (@yoanaloves) on

A post shared by JUNG RYEOWON (@yoanaloves) on

Source: Dispatch