Here’s Why Han So Hee’s Character In “My Name” Is So Groundbreaking, According To The Director

It wants to break gender stereotypes!

With the success of the Netflix series Squid Game, another K-Drama has quickly seen rising fame, and that is My Name. Starring the likes of Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, and many more, the series is a hard-hitting action flick about a girl determined to find her father’s killer.

“My Name” poster | Netflix

Since it started airing, the K-Drama has gained praise from fans worldwide on the storyline, the dedication from the cast when getting into their roles, and much more. In particular, it has been praised for casting Han So Hee as the main character, in a role that is not seen often in K-Dramas.

Han So Hee’s character in “My Name” | Netflix

“My Name” director Kim Jin Min recently appeared in a video for The Swoon, where they discussed some of the must-watch parts of the series. In particular, he discussed the role reversals he emphasized when creating the show.

What’s interesting is that revenge is almost exclusively narrated by male characters, but our lead is female. I wanted to pull this off from a completely different angle.

— Kim Jin Min

After the show aired, many compared the show’s genre to the likes of Vagabond where, like Han So Hee’s character, the leading actor’s life suddenly becomes pointless, and it’s centred around the idea of gaining revenge for losing a loved one. 

Han So Hee’s character Yoon Ji Woo not only takes the lead in the K-Drama but showcases a character who isn’t afraid of danger and is put in a role normally taken by men.

Not only is the show attempting to break stereotypes on gender, but the director explained that it was a change for Han So Hee, who was used to romantic K-Dramas.

I told her, ‘Many people think that you are a beautiful actor, so you will have many opportunities to play a beautiful role. But this may be your rare chance to jump into a really physical and harsh kind of role. If you are really willing to take part in this project, I would be willing to work with you too.’

— Kim Jin Min

Han So Hee in “Nevertheless” | Netflix

Also, unlike many K-Dramas, Han So Hee performed many of her own stunts and put in months of work and practice at an action school to prepare her for this role, alongside gaining 22 pounds! The director even revealed that his aim for the show was to make it as realistic as possible, to ensure it was different from other female leads.

Han So Hee at the action school | @xeesoxee/ Instagram

With so many K-Dramas centered on women focusing on romance or comedy, it is refreshing to see Han So Hee in a role of ruthlessness and determination for many fans.

It is refreshing to see a male director trying to showcase this to a wider platform in a world where women fighting for equality is ever more prominent.

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: The Swoon